XXX Bank Mobile Banking – Ten things you forget

XXX Bank Mobile Banking – Ten things you forget

Your last transaction with XXX Bank Mobile banking is not secure. If you are not doing these things with your XXX Bank account.

Top ten things to do while doing online banking

Thing you can do with your banking account

Virtual account no. makes you safe while receiving and sending money. By using virtual account no. you are not giving your actual account no. You can generate a virtual account number from a mobile banking app. It is highly recommended to use a virtual account while dealing online.

Never share your account details- If you do, you are jeopardising your bank account and accumulating hard earned money. Never share your personal name, mobile number, email id mention in banks and identity proof on social media or unauthorised persons.

Every bank is authorized to issue virtual credit cards which you can use domestically. Additionally many private banks and wallets give you the advantage of generating virtual debit cards for shopping. Never miss this opportunity to keep safe while shopping online.

Have you checked your bank website for the latest shopping offers. Your debit and credit card gives you advantage to save big money on your daily necessity and claim rewards also. Don’t forget you bookmark your mobile banking website in your mobile browser for low speed broadband.

Thing to do with Online wallet and shopping

Google pay makes it easy to transfer accounts and shopping. It also makes you safe because you are not providing any information to anyone. You can add your bank account, debit card or credit card to send and receive money. Only one mobile number perform all task you get your payment address VGA@myno

You use mobile banking for every task from bill payment, shopping and grocery. But you may forget to check the monthly bank statement , which your banker provides free of charge. If you are using a mobile wallet also check and reconcile the exact amount you spend.

Thing to do on your smartphone

QR scanner on mobile – Yes they are necessary and useful while shopping in a store. With QR scanner you check the exact price of the product and pay the correct price of the product.

Are you using password manager and internet security in your smartphone? They are necessary and make your shopping experience more secure. By using a password manager you are saving passwords digitally which are hard to crack, internet security suites are essential for internet banking. Always choose the best internet security suite.

Thing you can do digitally

Use digital currency- Yes you can buy and sell bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency which can be used at Bitcoin ATMs in seventy three countries across the Globe.

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