fat tax on junk food in kerala 14.5 per cent

Fat tax on junk food, really surprisingly action by Kerala Government.

Kerala government has make action of impose 14.5 percent fat tax on junk food in Kerala. A good move towards stopping increasing consumption of junk food in southern culture.

Now, you have to pay more 14.5 percent money on pizza, burgers, and branded restaurant tacos. Also there may be increasing price of packaged coconut oil, ready made chapattis and basmati rice for imposing 5% taxes.

Kerala government expecting to collect around Rupees 10 crore annual funding from this taxation. Also, imposing green tax on 10 years old vehicle on Kerala, And may be imposed some taxes on tourist buses on the basis of seat and size.

Decision of impose of fat tax on junk food is surprisingly, that may be affect sales of big restaurant  company i.e MacDonald, Domino Pizza in Kerala. Junk food are ready made sometimes people like to eat but in western culture they are in fashion. But actually, junk food are detrimental for human being.

Junk food comes into inferior goods category, whose consumption on rise.  High class income group and middle class income group like to eat them. Increment of pay of central government employee by 7th pay commission may increase demand of junk food. But increasing taxes may also cut sales of these inferior goods.

Does Kerala government really make success in stop increasing  consumption of junk food in Kerala? Inferior goods does not have any substitute. If, people like to eat them, they have to pay additional charges.

Kerala government action is really wonder to stop foreign culture in Indian parts.

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