moto g review 4G Lite 5 Inch HD screen 32GB android smartphone

Would you like to purchase moto g first read moto g review?

New Moto G is has a superb HD display whopping 5.0  inch bigger display and touch screen all for play, working and enjoy internet, available in different colours. Moto G has come with qualcomm snapdragon processor that makes multi tasking very easy. Do multiple work in one time not one by one. Send email and watch movies, play games and listen music. Moto G comes with 1GB super power RAM for working that make your handset more faster and much space for storing all apps. High space 1 GB RAM is big you can not escape to read my full moto g review.

Internal and external space are enough for handset users. Moto G has inbuilt 8 GB memory and additionally you can insert 32 GB external memory card or external storage devices.



Features I like the most that moto g review contain

  1. Good battery back up – I think 1 day full back-up is good for moto g. Actually, in a busy schedule everyone has no time to connect handset with charging point. In this sense 2070 mAh battery which is loaded in moto g give strong 24 hour minimum back-up.
  2. GPS location – If you a person who traveled full day. In any way GPS location service assist you in finding ways in street. That is most recommend features I like the most.
  3. Water resistant – New moto G is complete water resistant. That’s a new technology in market and makes moto g more competent in market.
  4. Support SIM card – This is an common feature around the world most people are using micro sim card so this handset can be goes into any hands.
  5. Camera –   Moto G has 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera to capture and stores your life important event when you’re out with family or friends, have with someone and with colleagues.
  6. HeadJack – Moto G review is un-complete without this feautre. Without headjack you can not enjoy music and conversation in crowd. So you must check 3.5 mm headjack with moto g box.
  7. Smart networking device – Bluetooth and wifi both are different but unique networking option with are coming with almost every android handset. You can connect some one handset and transfer file of big and small size. With Wifi you can connect to internet and download big database.
  8. 4G lite version- You can enjoy 4G super fast internet browsing with this handset. 4G technology used for high speed communication in mobile and now you can enjoy super fast wire less communication.

Moto G has many features that you are looking for, but I think not having NFC is shortcoming of this mobile. NFC is new technology on safe and secure online shopping upon which research and observation is going on? Now you have comlete review of Moto G review on my website. Actually moto g is less expenses android smartphone in the market.

Complete moto g review in 2014. Also see review of moto X gen 2 andorid smartphone

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