top ways to save money while shopping

Save money while shopping

Shopping has a fun for most people, they found new products and all essential for everyday needs. However there are some pitfalls if due care not needed.

  1.  Not checking price on Google : If you do this, you save money  by comparing the products available online. Sometimes a retailer is selling an item at a higher margin in this situation you have to pay extra amount.
  2. Remove unnecessary item: Sometimes retailer provide you a bundle of many items, check it while all items are needed, if some times are unnecessary do not accept the offer.
  3. Update your knowledge regularly : Sometimes retailers are selling outdated or old material with new packing while there are some new products in the market and you don’t have knowledge. You can increase your knowledge  by just favorite magazine. Suppose you are going out for fashion accessories so you can read recent product recommendation in some fashion magazine.
  4. Say No to Freebies : Yes Free is not free, sometimes retailers sell an item at a higher price and a freebies but when comparing the price you are in loss. So always check average price and don’t trust anyone when there are sales or discount.
  5. Try classified shopping : Sometimes there are few sellers in the nearby who can sell their used items on discount. This is superb, but you need to calculate present value and condition of the item.
  6. Banking offer : Sometime bank send you message or offer you to buy something from a specific retailer and you get rewarding. Check at the banking website, if offer is valid you do it. It saves a lot of money.
  7. Use wallet instead of card : Banking card frequently used while shopping, but money wallet are more safe, no need to transfer full money into wallet. Trasfer as much money as you need to spend and remaining in the wallet. You remain safe from online fraud and never plundered.
  8. Change banking password regularly : If you want to remain safe, you must change your banking password occasionally so that no one can steal your money.
top ways to save money while shopping

Finally, I recommend that first of all you make a list of items you want to purchase.

Then calculate how much income you deserve. And start match calculation are you gaining or losing. Sometimes you spend more than you earn, this is very bad condition which you need to avoid.

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